New Constellation’s founders have over 300 internationally broadcasted television shows to their credit for networks such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Learning Channel as well as various feature films, corporate video, and internet media. In addition, we have a background of teaching at largely popular multimedia schools whose subjects have included psycho-acoustics and mixing for surround as well as large format recording, sound design, ADR, foley, and stem and deliverable creation.

For every sound design, we pride ourselves on adding dimension, space, wonder, and believability to any and every picture.  We employ the art of imagination to every shot. With a vast library of sound effects and field recording experience, we can take your broadcast or interactive experience to the next level. With superior editing skills as well as a deep knowledge of sound creation and synthesis we can and will create a sound scape that exceeds your expectations and carries the participant into the world of the picture every time.