With the current advances in technology, the options for remote tracking of a performance and location capture for film have become more accessible than ever, but the equipment is only a small part of the story. It takes a team of professionals to do it right, after all there is no undo in a live situation. At New Constellation, our staff are experienced in advanced studio technique as well as impeccable live audio and systems engineers. We believe that the relationship between the performance and the sound in the room can make or break a recording.  Utilizing the environment with concise phase coherent systems and mixing choices, we deliver the best of the best on every outing. We are well-versed in all the varieties of sound to picture synchronization.

Whether it is film, reality TV, festivals, heavy metal, jazz or classical orchestras, no matter if it is for record only or for broadcast, we provide more than just recording equipment. We provide the understanding and experience to ensure your project reaches its full potential.